• motherhood
    motherhood relief.
  • Troso 1
    Natural marble Curving.
  • A Resting Woman
  • The Wandering Jew
    Curving in Natural Stone.



Marble Sculpture


Bronze Sculpture




Solomon, Living and Working in Karmiel Israel is one of the key artists in Israel.

He practices in the Classical Art Forms in Marble and Natural Stone Curving, Bronze sculpture and Painting .


Solomon is a member of the Israeli Artists association and is a part of the management of the Northern Israel Artists association in Haifa.


Between his latest exhibitions Opening in Milan Italy and additional displays around Israel, He Teaches Sculpture in his own Workshop in Karmiel and additional few in Haifa and its surroundings.


For more information and Details, Please contact Solomon


Solomon in his WorkShop, Working on a soldier’s memorial monument placed in Karmiel Israel(2009).

Latest Newes


“Migdal Gallery” Tel-Aviv

presenting His work with other Israelis Artists


International exibition in The Jaffa Museum of Antiques


International sculpture symposium in Maalot, Israel

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